SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019

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Sylhet exam where hobe.
Leading University where
Please sent me location
On google mapa.

national kobe? 12 tarik fix korar por muche dilen keno?
14 tarikh theke bivinno school e test exam… ata apnader mathay rakha uchit…

We created a team for our college in the form link given by prothomalo. But now we do not see any team in the team leader’s account. What should we do now? What is the rule? If someone please explain. Thanks in advance.

Today a mock contest for iscpc was going to be held. but it is not visible. is it postponed?

We made a team using the form from the link of prothomalo. (On Dimik computing) But now we cannot see the team from the account of the team leader. What should we do now? Thanks in advanced

vaiya problem solved korte partechi na niom vule gechi

The time of national contest is given on dimikoj is 19th October. Is it correct?
If it is correct, then the time should be set to later 12 th November, as there is many JSC examiners who will not be able to participate if it helds in October. Hope this will be granted.

see this.
and @hjr265 also.

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Sir SCB-PA Preliminary contest ta to 10 tarikh e hoar kotha chilo
ekhon abar 25 tarikh e keno nea hoise??

Please see the post above yours.

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Hai dear !! How to use it to contest ? Thanks !!→→↓→→

I have not get the credentials yet. I have registered before the given date. Contest will run after 1 day.

We are sending out the emails right now.

All 697 emails should be delivered within the next few minutes to team leader’s email address.

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So, how many out of 697 participants have registered for college level?

14 tarikh theke onek college e test exam shuru tai ontoto 1 shopta age national dile shobar jonno valo hobe

achha, national er date dile bhalo hoito!

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National ki hobena? Kono declaration nai. National er date ta kbe janaben?

@mdvirus, @touhidur, @hjr265,
today is 18th January 2020. There is no declaration and we did’t get any information about the national contest. The facebook page is blank also. There is only 5 or 6 days left to the contest. Can anyone please inform me about the nationl contest of iscpc please. I think the organizers can inform us something.
Hoping you guys will help.
Best regards

The organizers didn’t made the official announcement yet. Wait for it.

You can look into this for now :crazy_face: