Plagiarism detection (under development)

How “plagiarism will result in disqualification” will be put into action. :slightly_smiling_face:

Screenshot_2020-03-30 Submission 56aa2c24ee7feb0edd000337 Toph


In contests, plagiarism checking will have an optional review phase for the moderators.

For problems in the archive, plagiarism checking can be configured on a per-problem basis so that certain checks can be disabled depending on the problem.

In the fight for shortcodes, we almost copy others 90% sometimes. Our shortcodes evolve from seeing each other codes lol. Sometimes the next owner of the shortest coder title can be determined by only a single character. Our codes can match even if we do not see each other’s codes. Now the question is, do these submissions will be considered plagiarised.
@mdvirus @hjr265

And Toph should make its plagiarism terms fairer. Please see the last NHSPC thread when the authors literally ignored our messages when we claimed that we were unrightfully banned. I didn’t even use any template and I was banned. It couldn’t possibly have been for plagiarism which of course I never did. The organizer did not give me any reason for banning me despite me contacting them instantly after when I realized that I was banned. I don’t know how can they ban me without giving me any scope of self-defense, it was very one-sided. So, make your terms fairer so such a thing cannot happen in the future. See this. Tarif Ezaz was literally ignoring us and responding to other users. The organizers even published the results promptly without even responding to us and addressing our issue. I messaged NHSPC directly in messenger also but they did not respond despite my message being seen.

The reason for saying all this, don’t just make a plagiarism director without making proper strong terms first. Or ditch the project altogether, if banned users in a contest in Toph don’t get to defend themselves.

Toph’s plagiarism detection is still not complete. It has not been used in any contest or event so far.

One thing that I have found not-so-easy to communicate for a very long time is Toph is only a competitive programming platform. There are so many things that Toph doesn’t necessarily control during these contests and events.

But then again, we are a community. And, Toph has a responsibility to at least influence things for the better. Which is a gradual process. It will happen step by step.

No. Toph’s plagiarism detection will not be an absolute yes/no system.

And, no plagiarism detection tool can be perfect. Manual review and transparency is a must.

When Toph will flag something as possible plagiarism, a moderator will review it. If confirmed in manual review, the submission author will be informed exactly why it was flagged.

It’s a fact that I was never informed why I was banned from from NHSPC. A fact that can be changed. I can’t even see my own submissions to show others that I didn’t use any kind of templates. I guess Toph, as a platform, should at least be responsible for that. Cause it allowed those submissions to be hidden. I want to see my submissions that I did in that contest.

Cause at least I get the intellectual right of my submissions. So, they can’t just be hidden like this.