Find the Number of Pearls

Today is a very special day. It’s the birthday of only one girlfriend of programmer Shojib. Now, you all know, he wants to give a special gift to her. He wants to give her a rich ornament. To make the ornament very special he decided to make it as a hexagons shapes where the number of pearls in the ornament will consist of the outlines of regular hexagons with sides up to N pearls, when the hexagons are overlaid so that they share one vertex. The figure of the ornament will quite be like in the following.

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I believe that there might be some problem in the test cases.

You are right. The files had issues with line endings and some unnecessary whitespace in them.

It has been fixed now.

Btw, @hjr265
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Then I wonder why the earliest submission is 2 months old?

These posts are created when the problem is published to the archive. This is a problem from a contest that took place a few months ago.

where are the picture’s?

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