Add Dark Mode Already

It has been 2 years since the developer told that they were adding Dark Mode. I think it’s much needed because most people prefer dark mode than light. There is obviously many ways to add dark mode personally. But it is buggy at times and it isn’t really convenient for new users.

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Sorry for the frustration, @NivilKazi. I understand this is an important feature for you and some others who have also reached out.

At this moment the work on dark mode for Toph is paused.

This is due to internal prioritization and other decisions. I have tried to explain it in the past here: Request for dark mode - #4 by hjr265

I understand that web browser extensions that automatically add dark mode can be buggy. But in that same thread I provided some fix for a popular web extension.

Unfortunately, at this moment I cannot promise a date/time. But if you are using Dark Reader on Firefox or Google Chrome, and face any issue, we can provide you more fixes for those issues.

We have added dark mode support through our new accessibility settings feature: Login | Toph

You no longer need to rely on a web browser extension for dark mode on Toph.

Please let us know if you face any issue while using this mode.

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