Request for dark mode

The thing about dark mode is that it isn’t just a feature. It is also something that is tied closely to Toph’s brand. This not only would affect what we have now but also the products and services we plan to have in the future in sha Allah.

And of course there is a large backlog of things that needs to get done. Dark mode is in that list but not very high up.

There is an option on the table where we still recommend using browser extensions. But we make changes on our end to improve the results of these extensions applying dark mode styling. This can happen quicker as we bypass the notion of dark mode colors being a brand thing.

By going that route I just need to identify the specific issues with the browser extensions trying to apply dark mode, and fix them one by one.

The Dark Reader extension works better now than before. So a lot of work may not be necessary with this approach after all.

And yes, I can see that the extension fails to change the color of Toph’s logos and top nav icons. These are the kind of issues that I was talking about that we can address on our end to improve the browser extension’s results.

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