Who Is the Organizer?

In Sylhet Engineering College a lots of events take place. Some events are oraganized by a single or…

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If you need help solving this problem, mention your approach and ask specific questions. Please avoid sharing your code and asking the Community to figure out “what’s wrong”.

Please help. @hjr265, @emrul_mu, @edge555 or others.

Submission number: 453697.
Verdict: Wrong Answer.

@mdvirus Bhaiya, I checked your code, it’s perfect. Just one thing, you have to split the string using split().

P.S: I’m sorry if I’m wrong, I’m very young (sixth-grader) and new to this community. But it worked for me this way.
So please try it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Heyy little kiddo @anonyo.akand. Thanks for helping me. Even though you’re a sixth grade student, you figured it out on your own. That’s why I tell everybody, “programming is not only for seniors”. I hope you become an expert solver one day.

Now I understand that, the problem data set consists of multiple department names in a single word. So when I was just searching any name, it gave me WA. But if I split the words, it would compare word by word and my code will work properly.

Hello bhaiya. I’m really glad to help you. You’re right, programming is for everybody. Keep me in your prayers so that I can reach my goal(s) and become a good programmer/solver like you.