Virtual Contests

Can you add virtual contest feature?

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Old post but, but desired wish. (Of all i guess)

@reborn @touhidur By virtual contests, do you mean:

  1. The ability to rerun one of the existing contests where only you participate (like Codeforces, etc)?
  2. The ability to create contests using problems from other platforms (like Vjudge)?

I will say both.
But option 2 most.

When I posted this, I meant this one.

But if you added both, that’d be super cool. (though I guess not a crucial feature)

Thank you both @reborn and @touhidur for the suggestion.

Re: 1. This is something the platform already supports, we have implemented the feature but as we have not tested it thoroughly yet, we are not enabling it for the time being. We call it Practice mode for our contests.

Re: 2. It is unlikely that we will implement this now and if/when we implement it, we will do it as a separate project (under Toph branding, but it will not be a part of this core platform). This is because, I think Vjudge is already doing this work nicely, and right now, we don’t think Toph can add much more value by just implementing the same feature.

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