Username change request

I am trying to make all my username across all platforms the same and of course something like @touhidur is not available. So, I thought about going for @touhidurrr (3 times r) instead which was available in many platforms.

So, I request toph to change my username or handle from @touhidur to @touhidurrr also.



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Thanks! And what about the Community handle? Can you change it too.

And it would be good if you could request indexing of my Toph & Community user page in search console.

That should change automatically once you re-login to Community. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Yeah it changed, thanks. but funny thing is how this post still marks up @touhidur mention as me although I am @touhidurrr now. It’s somewhat funny.

Wow, all @touhidur mentions are going to instead of, look like people will have hard time figuring me out now. lol.

Well, it is an unfortunate side-effect.