Tough Duo, April 2022


The contest will start on 2022-04-14T08:00:00Z and will run for 3 hours.

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Can you unsign my team “NZS” from this contest please?

Done. The team NZS has been disbanded.

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How can I change my teammate?

If you want to leave your current team, you can mention it here. Any member leaving a team will cause the team to be disbanded. A new team will have to be formed if the members still want to participate in the contest.

Once you have left the team, you can create your new team with the same or another member.

Do you want me to disband your team?

In the future in sha Allah, there will be a way for members to leave the team by themselves from the user interface of the contest lander.

Yes, please. Disband my team.

Done. Your team has been disbanded.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this contest! I hope you enjoyed the last several hours and solving these problems.

The final standings have been published.

The problems have been added to the archive.

Please wait a while for your ratings to be updated. Your ratings have also been updated!

We will also announce here the winners of the contest prizes shortly.

I will reach out to the winners at their email addresses to collect their mailing addresses in sha Allah.

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Congratulations to @Nirjhor, @serotonin, @rfpermen, @vioalbert, @YouKnowWho, @sh2018331053, @farhan132, and @nfs277 on securing the top 4 ranks in today’s contest.

I have emailed you all with the details of the next step. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

where can i get the contest anyone tell me please

please tell me

We have began dispatching the contest prizes. The ones to be delivered within Dhaka will be sent out first. And, we hope to complete delivering all prizes for the Tough Duo, April 2022 within the next few days.

It took us more time than we wanted to to get everything ready. Thank you for all being patient.

And, once again, congratulations!

@Nirjhor @serotonin @sh2018331053 @farhan132 @nfs277