Toph's Programming Problems on

Problems from Toph’s archive are now available in Vjudge.

If you want to host a virtual contest with problems combined from several competitive programming platforms, you can now do so on

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Seems like some of the old problems have some latex formatting issues, for example This one, in the constraints 10^18 shows as 1018. Can you please look into this?

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Thanks for reporting this. The problem statement has been updated. You should also see the updated version on Vjudge now.

Several of the old problems are indeed affected with issues like this. Automation has been introduced to identify these issues and make sure that similar issues don’t happen in the future. Over the past week or so the focus has been on fixing these issues. Several has been fixed. But there are quite a few still remaining. And, fixing these issues is still a manual process.

In case you come across any other similar issues, please feel free to let me know here and I will get to them first.