Toph submission links cannot be seen by public

Let’s say you want to ask help for solving a problem on Toph. You know a high rated pro coder. Now you want to discuss the problem with that person. You want to explain him the problem, share how you tried to solve it and ask him where had it gone wrong for you and things like that. Now for that a good way is to share you submission links with others and discuss the problem together.

But there is a problem.

Every time I tried to share the Toph submission link with anyone for any reason, the person on the other side has always complained without failure that they cannot see the submission link or something except when someone is already at the Toph. Now it might look like a good idea to have people sign up at Toph but from my experience, it achieves the goal in the exact opposite way.

So, I would like to know what others think about this particular issue and would like to request Toph to reconsider this behavior and make submissions public if possible.

Activity ping: @Nusab19 @hjr265

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Happy to know what others think.

Interestingly sign-ups have not been an issue so far. Total number of signed-up accounts on Toph crossed the 50k mark just last night. Registering an account on Toph is as easy as it gets.

But, since the idea of making the submission pages viewable without having to log in has been brought up, I am eager to know if more people would find it useful.

I faced it too.
My friend @SafinSarker is also a competitive coder. He is on toph too.
But sometimes when I shared him the submission link, he couldn’t view it.
The reason was, he codes in his laptop. But I shared the link in Messenger or Telegram, so he couldn’t see it from his phone as he wasn’t logged in.
And even if he was, when you click on a link, messenger opens it in their own ( kinda ) browser. So, he had to go to his default browser, log in ( if wasn’t ) and see the code.

From future, I had to share him a screenshot or paste that code in a pastebin service and then share the link.

It was quite a trouble.

But if someone says, “Log in on both devices. Easy”
Then lemme tell you what I faced, I code in both my laptop and my phone ( I code in tours too :3 ).

But I can’t actually be logged in on both devices simultaneously. Maybe it works for a short period of time, but then I get logged out from either of the devices.

It’d be better if logging in wasn’t necessary for viewing a code.

After recent incident where submissions were hidden, I thought about scrapping and storing all my submissions else where.
Cuz, sometimes I have to look up on my own code. And for C++, I follow a similar template of mine, so I just copy a C++ code and modify it for other problems.
But if Toph officially solves this problem, I might not have to do all those stuff. :smiley:

@Nusab19 @hjr265 the way I see this is, if someone wants to solve a problem on Toph, they would sign up anyways. And it’s not like submissions are private, anyone can veiw them once they log in. So, making them not veiwable when not logged in is just counter productive for many use cases like @Nusab19 mentioned. My submission link also do not work properly most of the time because of sending it through messenger (which would be the usecase for most people in Bangladesh also).

Anyways, eager to see what others think about it.

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