Toph showing Discourse logo in browser tab

Why is Toph showing Discouse logo like this?

Toph Showing Discourse Logo

I also saw the logo switching from Discourse to Toph in Chrome Canary 91.0.4463.0 on Android. Maybe It’s a random issue? @hjr265

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I think so. Plus, support can only be promised for stable browser versions.

The main threads screenshot was of Chromium 88 browser engine. Which is stable.

Can you please provide what extensions you have installed? Also a screenshot of the developer console (i.e. any warnings or error messages).

Extension was uBlock Origin but I deactivated it for Toph Community cause it was only blocking Google Fonts. Nothing else in particular that manipulates site data. And pretty sure clearing cache from Android didn’t work.
Is you browser showing the correct icon?

It is:

As well as on Chromium v89:

I don’t know why but one hard refresh showed Toph logo. Another showed Discouse. Clearing cache shows Toph first then Discourse. Anyways, here is what you had asked for,

console diagnosis

Anyways, thanks for the 100th like here @hjr265.