Toph leaderboards

I wonder what is the frequency of the Toph leaderboards being refreshed.
Or, how it refreshes actually.

Some parts of the leaderboard is updated hourly. The others are triggered by other events (e.g. when ratings are updated).

That means, leaderboards unrelated to events will refresh hourly and related ones will once the event is triggered (or finished).

Is it correct?

Yes, pretty much that.

Although, this is true for now. I have been working a bit on these things lately and so this frequency may change (i.e. updates may happen more frequently).

Is real time leaderboards that heavy to the infrustructure.

Do toph have any plan for it?

I think it can be made real-time without making it taxing on the infrastructure. But then again, I always have to prioritize based on how much impact it makes and if it is worth doing right now.

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As you can see I only have 4 problems left in the Brute Force category.

However, It shows that I have 12 left in the problems page.

And the data is not updating for the last 24 hours.

Can you look for the reason @hjr265?

Here is an screenshot of the profile.

@touhidur As mentioned here, the leaderboard is being worked on. As it may appear that the leaderboard is not being updated as frequently. And, this is also connected to the other places where statistics are shown throughout Toph.

Anyway, you can check your profile now. It should show the reflection of your recent submissions.