Toph is really weird

@hjr265 Why does Toph counts solved problems which are not archived (practice mode solve) ?.

Currently there are 1360 problems in the archive. So imagine a scenario when a user solves all archived problems, plus 25 practice mode problems. Then we get to see 1385/1360 Problems Solved in his profile. :3


I also think that sometime. Should Toph really count contest only problems? I guess not.

Only archived problems should be counted for fair leaderboards.

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@mdvirus You are right, Toph is really weird in this regard. I have done some work to rectify this (which is just the beginning):

  • The “Top Solvers of All Time” leaderboard will now be sorted by rating by default.
  • The “Top Solvers in Last N Days” leaderboard will now show rating change instead of rating, and will be sorted by rating change by default.

In a very near future update, the way solved problems are counted will be changed to just consider published problems.

In addition to that, the way solver’s rating is calculated will also be changed. Anyone who has looked at submissions of the same problem before solving it themselves will be rewarded less. In the future, this will be made clear by explicitly warning about it when someone tries to open source code of existing submissions without first solving the problem. (Note that this will have an effect on the solver’s rating only, and obviously not the total count of solved problems.)

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