Toph How To's and Tutorials

I’m very pleased to see this platforms growing. Every day new users are registering. There are many functions on Toph. If if someone do not know how to use it, he can post it here. But please make sure to visit Toph User Guide first.

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First ‘how to’ is mine @hjr265

In my mentored contests:

  1. If I change any problem’s description/limit/tests during the contest, then how do I rejudge all submissions of that specific problem?

  2. If I caught someone copying codes then I can block him. But if I want him to out of the standings, how can I do that? Also if I want to delete that specific submission, how do I do that?

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  1. Right now you can contact me to do bulk rejudges. I am working on an interface that will let contest managers do it themselves.

  2. If you block a participant and regenerate the standings, that participant won’t show up in the public or arena standings. You can still see the participant on the internal standings.

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@hjr265 Is there any system to make editorial for the contest problem?

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If you are the author of the problem, you can add the editorial for it from Drafts. Otherwise, you can suggest an editorial for any problem that you have solved by clicking on the “Suggest Editorial” link below the problem statement.

Once your suggestion is reviewed and accepted, the editorial for that problem will be updated accordingly and your contribution will be recognized on the editorial page.

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Hey @hjr265,
In the previous contest ( I wanted a standing like this.

That’s why I turned the partial scoring off. But the standings I see is like this.

Please tell me how do I get that type of standings in the next contest.

Which contest format did you use?

@hjr265, I used the Custom format. Which format should I use to get this type of standings? ICPC regional?

Yes, you can use that.

@hjr265 can you tell me what is the Toph Guild Member and how to be it?

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@mdvirus At this moment, the criteria for becoming a Toph Guild Member is to have at least one problem published on Toph through one of our official contests.

Isn’t this post deprecated for the new #support category.