Toph Drafts image issues

@hjr265 I have two queries.

  1. Nowadays when I create a problem in Toph Drafts, when I add a picture to the description, it is uploaded to Toph’s own storage. Once the upload is complete, it can be nicely seen from the drafts view. But if I add that problem in the contest, the picture gets cropped. The booklet also comes with cropped picture. To solve this problem, I upload the image to my GitHub repository and add it to the problem statement. Then the picture can be seen properly in the contest arena and booklet. But this is a temporary solution. If I delete the image from the GitHub repository in future, it won’t be seen. So what is the permanent solution?

  2. What’s your status of implementing Contribution Points?

@hjr265 would you like to reply?

And there is another problem annoys me. When I submit a problem on a contest this error shows every time. It covers my phone’s screen too (on android device).

Thank you for reporting these issues, @mdvirus. These have been reported before and is being worked on.

The issue with images being cropped should now be resolved. It is best not to use external URLs for images as those may be eventually prevented from being loaded. If you have such problems in the archive, let me know and I will have them updated before such restrictions are implemented.

I will begin working on contributions points again in a couple of months from now in sha Allah. There are just other priorities at hand at this moment.

Regarding the Script error issue you reported, it is difficult for me to really understand what may have gone wrong from just one screenshot. I have seen this being reported on and off a few times by different people, so clearly there is some issue that needs to be addressed.

A bug that may have been related to this has been recently resolved and so you may not see these messages anymore. However, if you do, please do try to share additional details (such as which web browser you are using–name and version and what can you see in the web browser’s console when this error happens).

It is worth noting that Toph doesn’t claim to support mobile web browsers. So naturally other issues will get prioritized over issues like these. But if I get sufficient details, it would make things easier for me to apply the necessary fixes.

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Yessss!! Image issues are solved now. Recently I participated in a training contest with my smartphone, and there were no errors (with Chrome’s latest version). But don’t know about main contests.

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Fantastic! The fix should work for all contests then.

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