Toph-draft isn't showing the recently shared problems

Toph-draft isn’t showing the shared problems which are created recently. They are also not in the “Shared” tab. The formerly shared problems remained as they were. I’ve asked some of my acquaintances. They are also facing the same issues.
We are conducting a contest on 23 October. As the new shared problems are not being shown in our drafts we can’t add others’ new problems in the contest. Kindly look at the issue.

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Dear Shefin,

Can you please send me the link to the problem as a direct message on Toph? If you are not the author of the problem, you may need to ask him/her for the link first.

Can you please also confirm whether you received any email from Drafts when the problem was shared with you? What do you see when you click on the link in that email?

Is this is the only problem with which you are facing this issue?

Best regards,

Okay, I’m sending you a direct message with the details.

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This issue should now be resolved for newer problems. However, for any problem that were already shared with you, you may need to ask the author to share the problem with you one more time. Any changes made to the share list should fix the issue for older problems as well.

Currently, Toph’s infrastructure service providers are facing issues on their end. The fix will be applied for older problems once the service provider issue is resolved.