Toph Contribution System: Why would we respond in Community?

In the most recent contribution system, one reply in the Toph community only gets you 0.5 contribution point (I assume) where only posting a single problem in Toph gets you 500. I don’t get what was the intention behind the contribution system. Does Toph want solvers engaging in the Community or not? Or do they even care about problem solvers who solve and discuss the problem? All I can see is oiling the investor or contest creators to regularly create contests.

I mean I was personally once the most active person in the entire Toph Community (you can check my statistics If you wonder) and my ranking in the contribution system can’t even be compared to a person who has ever posted a single problem in Toph. Lol.

Previously we had many disputes from solvers in many different contests which were never properly solved and now this.

And again even top solvers of Toph can’t be seen in the contribution leaderboard. Only contest organizers. I wonder what actually ‘contribution’ is in the top community.

I wonder what Toph has to say in this.

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I mean at least why this guy who has never solved a problem or I have never seen in the community can have 500 points and be ranked more than me. :rofl:

I mean I get it that you want to oil the contest organizers but oil a little less.

Nice to see you again, @touhidur!

The point you get from receiving likes, giving likes, and creating/replying to posts vary. But yes, you are close: the point per like or post is never more than 2.


Yes, and yes.

The intention is to reward those who contribute towards the development of the competitive programming community. Creating quality programming problems is one way of doing that. Writing tutorials is another way. In the current implementation these two activities are rewarded the most.

Having said that, the math involved in calculating contribution points is not set in stone. Depending on how the points get distributed and how it should be distributed, I will be tweaking the math.

Although, activities like authoring problems and writing tutorials will be rewarded a bit more. I plan to do two things in the next update to contribution points:

  • Adjust the maximum points awarded for each activity.
  • Vary the amount of points awarded to problem and tutorial authors depending on certain performance and quality metrics.
  • Reward more points for suggesting tags for problems, improving problem statements, and providing test cases for problems that have weak test suites.

Again, I should stress on the fact that a lot of these recent features on Toph are subject to change based on what I learn and the feedback that I receive. So it will be a while before Toph settles on a final math for calculating contribution points.

Last year? NHSPC?

Do you mean you can’t see them under the Solvers tab?

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I don’t get it. In which calculation a random guy after just somehow uploading one problem can have more contribution points than. Uploading a single problem shouldn’t get you more than 50 points in any sense.

My suggestion is:
Having a problem in National level onsite contest (finals)-> 50 points
Having a problem in National level online contest → 30 points
Having a problem in Intra-Institutional level onsite contest (finals) → 30 points.
Having a problem in Intra-Institutional level online contest → 20 points.
Having a problem in a self hosted online contest with prizemoney → 15 points
Having a problem in a self hosted online contest without prizemoney → 10 points

Creating a thread in Community → 2 points (+0.1 points per veiw and 0.2 points per reply and like. Max 10)
Posting comments in a post → 1 points (+0.2 points per like / start. Max 5)
Successfully suggesting a tag for a problem → 1 per tag. Max 3.
Successfully suggesting a fix for a problem → 1 (Only once per problem)

Otherwise activity in the community will amount to nothing.

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So, at first, it was 500 points per problem. Last week this was changed to ~50 points per problem.

But your suggestion, I feel, makes some sense. I like the direction of your thought here. Will keep this as notes in my plan to improve the contribution points math in the future.

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