Today we organize a contest "CSE 20 BATCH PROGRAMMING CONTEST"

The contest is end but there is a some problem all test case not work it show skipped.We can’t understant what is the reason???If problem passed the sample the judge show passed but the additonal test case not use it show skipped.Wha is the problem???How can we solve the problem.

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Depending on how you configure your contest, not all test cases may be run.

For example, if you enable partial scoring on the challenges, then all the test cases will be run and score will be calculated based on the test cases’ weights.

If you disable partial scoring, then submissions will either pass or fail. If a test case fails, then the remaining test cases will be skipped.

Hope that answers your question.

Thank you for your response.I understand the system.

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I checked your contest.

To add a bit to my response above, there is another situation where test cases are skipped.

In Drafts, if you set any test case to be “Additional”. Then these test cases are not used unless you set in the challenge/contest “With Additional”.

Additional test cases are run when With Additional is enabled. Otherwise they are left in a “Pending” state.