The Boat Filled With Love

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You know a large part of our country is under water. The flood affected those areas immensely. Affected people are waiting for our help. We will hire a boat to reach them with relief. We need a banner written “We Love You. We 100 Are Here For You.” to catch their eyes and you have to do this lovely job.

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#include <iostream>

int main()
	long N;
	std::cin >> N;
		std::cout << "We Love You."
		          << "We " << N 
				  <<" Are Here For You.";

How is this code a wrong answer?
Edit: I had included iostream in the original source code but it’s not showing up in the reply.

Edit: I have solved it with Java but I don’t see a reason why it’s wrong answer in C++

You are missing a space after the period.