Thanks Giving

Hello problem solvers, how are you? Today we are very happy and excited about this contest. History is knocking on the door. Because this is the first time a programming contest is being held on Haragach Pouroshova. You are about to witness this historic moment. It couldn’t be possible without the help of HMSPLC (Haragach Math, Science and Programming Lovers’ Community). So it’s time to thank them.

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“ThankYouHMSPLC” print korle WA dekay. Bt “Thank You HMSPLC” print korle AC! Kintu space dite hobe emon kotha to bola nai. Ba space er niche underline o to nai.

In the output section you’ve asked to print a thanks giving sentence. You know that, a sentence should have two or more words (separated with spaces) and full stop at last. So in this case, you should print the spaces.

[Note: I made a terrible mistake while creating this problem. I should have make the TestCase “Thank You HMSPLC.” (full stop at last). But now I can’t edit it. Unless @hjr265 edits it manually.]