Test Skipped on test utility!

I tried to use the test button but it seems to be skipping the sample inputs. :joy:
If it skips the inputs, then what will I test?
Need Mod attention.

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Where did this happen?

You can try now. It should work. Thanks for informing me about this.

Oh! Sorry!
I thought that Toph have revoked the test system just like it has for source code veiwing.
But it turned out that it was just a single problem statement.

Btw, Can contestents use the test button during onsite contests from now on.
I heard (or might have read) somewhere that it was not working.

Not sure where you read that. The test button was always working during contests.

The only time it didn’t seem to work is in problems where there are no sample test cases. Which is usually the case with interactive problems. This is a known issue and is in the plans to be solved within the next few weeks.

I might have misread then.

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