Test files are Skiping in Non-AC Solution testing

When I run a non-ac solution, all the test files have skipped after 2 or 3 wrong answer test files. To prepare a good problem, it is necessary to check all the test inputs, especially for validating testcases by assertion (scanspec couldn’t check all scenarios). Please return to the previous system where the solution will run against all the test files whatever the verdict is.

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@rifatrraazz Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree. I have deployed an update that allows us to enable an option for this behavior selectively.

Can you please let me know for which problem you need this so that I can enable the option for “thorough executions” for it.

In case you want to keep the Drafts problem ID/URL private, please send an email to support@toph.co with the problem ID/URL.

Yeah, I think it is more suitable. Thank you so much.

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