Switchblade of Thanos

We all know that Thanos “The Mad Titan“ had two adopted daughters, Gamora and Nebula. But did you know that he had one real daughter, Quanita? Thanos had a switchblade. His switchblade was special because it had two blades with equal weights. The weight of the switchblade was balanced indicating his vision to form a balanced universe. He gave it to Gamora, his favorite adopted daughter. But after the death of Gamora and Thanos, the switchblade was handed over to Nebula. Nebula didn’t want to keep it to her. So, when she found out that Thanos had a real daughter, she searched for her. After a tedious journey, she found the actual daughter of Thanos, Quanita. But because of the journey and being unused for a long time, the switchblade became unbalanced. Now, it’s Quanita’s job to make it balanced.

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