Summary page for institutions

Toph now has summary pages for institutions. This is a work in progress and may change over the next few days based on usage and feedback.

You can find the link to any institution page from the leaderboard or from the bottom left box of your profile where your institution name is displayed.

In case you see any information for your institution is missing or out of date, please leave a reply here. I am working on ways to suggest/make such changes easier for the community.

@hjr265 There is a problem in setting. when I try update my personal information like location or institution, then I am not able to update my location and institution name. Like my location is Chandpur, Bangladesh. But there is no option like it in location. There I have to select location and that’s why I have to give my location wrong. Same thing goes for institution. For example my institution name is Chandpur Govt. College. But i am not able to give my institution name in my profile. When I try to give my institution name it comes Chandpur College, Jessore for my institution.

@ifrunruhinu “Chandpur Govt. College” has been added. You should be able to choose it as your institution now.

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@hjr265 Thanks a lot.

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You should now also be able to choose “Chandpur, Bangladesh” as your location.

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I have few suggestion:

  1. Community pages are too much complicated. It took 2 min for me to figure out how to reply.
  2. Submission tab is no longer available. But can access using url. Is this any kind of feature?
  3. In toph draft there should be an option of seeing only my created problem rather than all shared problem with me.
  4. In contest history of our profile there is little error. SSS start from 1950 but in figure red start from 1900.
  5. If its possible to color our username (like codeforces) it would be cool.

You are doing a great job bhai. Keep up the good work.

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Great suggestions. Since these aren’t exactly related to institution summary pages let me be very brief here.

3, 4 and 5 are neat ideas.

If you can share a bit more details about 1, may be I can help. The community site is an instance of Discourse and I have barely customized it. So there may be some room for improvements.

The link to the submission list has been removed from the navbar to make room for future stuff. I can share more about it once it is ready.

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I am agree with your 3 4 5 suggestion. But why you think community pages are complicated? There is similarity of toph community with codechef discuss forum.

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About community page: Comment picture could be smaller than original post’s picture. Reply, share, bookmark this buttons could be just under author’s post and easily visible and separable. In the bottom suggested topic should not be as big as other comment section.

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