Sum Game

Rakib loves to play with words and numbers. Currently He invented a game where he wrote down some words into paper and converted those words into numbers. Conversion process is very simple. He used the alphabetic position of a character to convert character into number. There are 26 letters in English. The position of ‘a’ is 1 and ‘z’ is 26th.  For example if he has a word “hi”, then the number value of this word is 17 ( the position of ‘h’ in alphabetic serial is 8 and the position of ‘i’ is 9). Now he guesses a number and checks if using any 4 words he can match the number by using all unique numbers in the quadruplets. For example, the world lists he wrote are: “hi”, “hello”, “me”, “he”, “how”, “what”. So the number value of those words are: 17, 52, 18, 13, 46, 52 accordingly. And The guessed number is 100. So he can actually make the number by using 17+52+18+13 = 100

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