Submission Running for over 20 minutes!

Hi. I was solving this problem named “Sequence Query”. I submitted around 20 minutes ago. It shows that the submission is running on Test Case 1.

Any help?

I also face this problem sometimes. Most of the time, when I refresh the page, I already find the code having received a verdict.
So, I think, refreshing should have solved it in your case too.
Let’s poke expert @hjr265

@touhidur This is a very old post, and a lot has changed since then (as outlined here, here and here). These included reliability improvements made to the process that runs and evaluates your submissions.

Having said that, what you said is also true. In case your browser loses the WebSocket connection to the server and takes very long to fallback to AJAX long-polling to get real-time updates, the page may not show the latest data. And in that case, you will have to reload the webpage.