Some Questions About Ratings

Greetings. I am uncertain about how the rating system operates because I have not frequently taken part in contests.

Recently, I competed in the Tough Dash, June 2023, and I am curious about the following:

  1. How long does it take for my performance in the contest to affect my ratings?
  2. What position do I need to achieve in order to receive a higher rating?
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Thank you for posting this question. The ratings are refreshed immediately after the contest ends. But the process takes a few minutes. Only this time, the process wasn’t started at all.

The ratings have now been refreshed.

Whether someone will be considered for rating depends on the contest. Most contests that are rated considers everyone for rating.

But in case of Tough Dash contests, only those who are below 1800 rating at the time of participating in the contest is considered.

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I guess my second question wasn’t much clear.

What I was trying to ask was whether participation in contests can sometimes result in a decrease in one’s rating, as opposed to an increase.

For example, in this contest, I received a rating increase of +112, but those who solved the fewest problems received a negative rating.

For any contest:
Is there a specific range of rankings that are likely to receive a positive rating, such as the top 20 participants?
Or does this depend on the participant’s previous activity?

Ah, yes. Your rating can go down as well.

You will notice that the rank on the standings doesn’t alone affect your rating. Your current rating and your performance both play a role in calculation of your new rating.

Toph uses an algorithm called Glicko-2 to calculate your rating.

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