SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019 Preliminary

How would the SSC candidates perticipate when their test exam will be running?

Why the date continually changing by the organizer…?:smirk:

See this.

Dear Team,
Will we participate in this preliminary contest individually or along with the groups members who registered in ISCPC?

To the organizers,
How can we sign up for the preliminary contest as it shows ‘INVITE-ONLY’ ?

When will we get our temporary accounts??

I think the CPU limit should be be increased for Python and PyPy because they takes more time to execute than other languages.

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Please extend the CPU Limit for Python as it takes more time to run a program in Python than C/C++.

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I have registered my team and have received the email notifying me of the final date for the contest(26th Oct). When will I receive the temporary account, and did I have to do any further registration before 22nd?

When the login credential will be mailed? Haven’t got yet.

When will we get our temporary account?

When will we get our temporary account?

It is your fault that you use python. None forced you to use python. It would be unfair if they increase the time limit for python. We learned cpp for this advantage. Why can’t you learn cpp instead? Python is a crappy language. Every single top competitor in this competition will use cpp. So it won’t have a big effect on the competition result even if the python users aren’t able to solve problems due to time limit.


Even codeforces doesn’t have an extra time limit for python. You guys have a shortcut for almost all function but we need to implement most of the functions by our hands. If you are a python user you shouldn’t do competitive programming instead you should do developing.


When will the teams get their credentials?

-Team leader, CZS Dark Knights

Credentials have been emailed to the team leaders earlier today.

You see there are some problems which can not be solved with python with the given runtime . They becomes impossible. We are just saying to increase the runtime so that those can be solved just barely. We are not wanting advanges. If they would make problems impossible for python, why would they even allow python in this contest??

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I am the team leader. But didn’t get yet.

It seems you unsubscribed from Toph’s emails. Please send a message through Toph’s contact form while you are logged in with your Toph account (registered using the same email address as the team leader’s email).