SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019 Preliminary

When and how we will get our team account's handle and password?

And it’s a good time for taking the contest. At night everyone can concentrate on the contest fully. Because there will be less noise around us.


Will this contest be applicable for regional contest winners?

I need help.i am registered for ISCPC 2019.but I cant see any enter button.It says its a invite only contest.but I am registered

You can’t see Enter button using your personal Toph account. Before contest the organizers will send you a temporary Toph account and password. Using that Toph account you can see Enter button and can take part in the contest.


কনটেস্ট আরোও ১৫ দিন পিছালো, এখন ১ সপ্তাহ দেখাচ্ছে


If this is right, then shoudn’t Toph fix the contest time?

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It has been updated.

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25 October যেহেতু শুক্রবার। তাই contest তা 3 pm এ শুরু করলে কি অসুবিধা? কারন team mate দের রাত ৭-৮ টার পর বাসার বাহিরে থাকতে দিবে না।

@hjr265 can you please tell me when the preliminary test will be happened;
please it is saying 10th october !! now saying 25th october. I am totally confused; and can
you give me the problem set of chattogram regional selection and is there will be any
practise contest with problems of hjr265???

@Wasif_719 The organizers have seemed to reschedule the contest.

See: SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019 Preliminary - #34 by touhidurrr

When will the Dhaka Regional Selection take place?

Hey bro…plz set the time to 2 or 3pm…
It will be helpful for us…

Why the contest date is being delayed continiously?
It should be held as early as possible.

How would the SSC candidates perticipate when their test exam will be running?

Why the date continually changing by the organizer…?:smirk:

See this.

Dear Team,
Will we participate in this preliminary contest individually or along with the groups members who registered in ISCPC?

To the organizers,
How can we sign up for the preliminary contest as it shows ‘INVITE-ONLY’ ?

When will we get our temporary accounts??

I think the CPU limit should be be increased for Python and PyPy because they takes more time to execute than other languages.

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