SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019 Mock Contest 2


The contest will start on 2019-09-25T13:00:00Z and will run for 3 hours.

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Question s gulo bangla teo dile onek valo hoy, sir plz try to ask the questions in bangla

@Bonkim This is something the organizers can do. As far as we know, the problem statements in the preliminary and final contests will be available in English and Bengali:

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is Bangla available today ?

for i in range(n):

what’s wrong with this code???
why showing run time error.???

Can please someone give me the solution “big problems have solved”??
I have tried to solve it but i was every time error.
can Someone give me the solution.

@Shaheer You didn’t specify which problem this code is for. I am assuming it is for problem A.

The issue here is with that loop.

The format specification says that there will be a number N in the first line. And then N numbers in the second line.

In Python, if you want to read N numbers all from one line, then instead of writing a loop like that, you need to do something like this:

line = input()
fields = line.split()
numbers = []
for x in fields:
# Now you have the numbers in `numbers` list

You can shorten this to:

numbers = map(int, input().split())

@Wasif_719 If you ask for the solution directly, you are going to miss out on the fun of actually solving the problem. :slight_smile:

Take a close look at the code given in the problem statement. It’s looping over the numbers 1 to N. For each number it is checking if the number is even or odd. If the number is even, it is adding the number to the variable sum. If the number is even, then it is adding twice of that number to the variable sum.

The goal here is to find the sum of all even numbers between 1 and N, and the sum of all odd numbers between 1 and N. And then, the result is SumOfEvenNumbers + 2 * SumOfOddNumbers.

Ok, Thanks for your explantion. I am participating in the preliminary 2019 iscpc.
Can you give me the problems of the preliminary test 2018 of school category. If you can it will be very helpful for me and my team. I also can understand the quality. Hope you can.

The Problems of Mock 1 was added to Toph.
But it does not seem to be the case for Mock 2.
Will they be included in Toph?

Yes, they will be added to the archive. I am waiting on the confirmation from the organizers.

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Thanks for your affirmation.

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@Wasif_719 A training contest has been created with the problems from ISCPC 2018 Practice contest. You can find it here:

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@hjr265 please help me with the solution of ‘maximum cut’