SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019 Mock Contest 1


The contest will start on 2019-09-22T13:00:00Z and will run for 3 hours.

Click here to learn more about this contest.

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Why can’t I enter this mock contest?

Because the contest has not started yet.
You can enter once it starts.

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Hope the questions will be available in bangla.

In which Language the problems will written???

C++, C, Python can be used.

can anyone plz add my school sylhet govt. pilot high school…

Thank you for your comment.

Added “Sylhet Government Pilot High School”.

Also, you can now request for institutions to be added right from your profile settings page:

I also want to add my school Sylhet Govt. Pilot High School :smiley:

Thanks for adding :slight_smile:

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Contest start dile “Forbidden” message ashtece

thanks a lots,…

@Guardian1284 It shows that you are in the arena already. Let me know if you are facing any other issue.

how to join as a team?

Please use a regular account for now. Our team functionality is a work in progress and is not quite ready yet for today’s contest.

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I have already solved all the problems.
Now, if someone have solved the last problem,
Can you discuss about how you have solved it with me?
[Note: I am just interested how others have solved it, knock me at Toph messages. link.]

UPDATE 1: Please share your thoughts with me after the end of the contest.

Discussion while contest is running is not recommended. Please discuss when its ended. Thanks.


Just got excited a little bit.
I have updated the post.

I have somehow or other solved problem B with O( n^2 ) complexity and problem E with O( n ) complexity.
Can anyone share more efficient codes for them? e.g. @hjr265

And also,
@oasis.cse @backbencher16 @TarifEzaz and @whoisshihab
can the problems be explained?
I meant can the solves for all problems be published?