Rajshahi University School link doesn't work

I’m a student from Rajshahi University School. Whenever I try to click on my school’s name from my profile it takes me to the University of Rajshahi’s page. The correct link of my school is Rajshahi University School

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On your profile settings page, if you do not pick any institution, you can see a link to suggest new institutions.

No, I’m not talking about that.
I have added my school’s name to my account (and it was available in the list). But whenever someone clicks on my school’s name from not only my profile but also from any other page in toph it redirects to University of Rajshahi.
Please see the screenshots.

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I see what you mean. I have made some changes and this should work now.

New link for the school’s summary page: https://toph.co/institutions/5da49aa44c9b07000175bd29

It works now. Thanks.

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