Programmatically generating test cases in Toph server for drafts problems

I am not sure how feasible this one really is, also it might feel like a bit lazy. Actually, the feature can be split into two parts, one more/less feasible/lazy than the other.

  1. Put up a code in a problem of drafts, executing that code will automatically create a test case file in that problem, only the input part.

This part is mainly for those who are in a restricted or slow network and may have a lot of trouble in uploading moderate or large sized dataset.

  1. Execute a solution with an option called something like ‘Output Override’. This execution will replace/fill up the output of test cases with the output of this solution.

This part feels a bit lazy, but it reduces the number/size of files to upload at least by a little. But there are more advantages now that I think about it. Suppose the judge solution was wrong for a problem and there are about 10-20 test cases already uploaded with wrong output. In these cases, usually we have to rerun each of the test cases in our local PCs (we have to redownload the input files first if we don’t have them or input generator in local PC) and then reupload them all. This feature would allow fast updating of upload section, should be very handy in critical times before a contest.

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I have this in the roadmap. And, it’s likely that the second part of this idea will be implemented first.

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This is a work in progress.