Printing Problem Set

Currently, HTML files of problems in a contest are auto-generated and downloadable from the contest page. If you put them all in one single file as well, and give the option of not adding TL, ML, Sample etc in that file, it will be really helpful for organizers to print problem set. Otherwise, whenever they make a change in Draft, they need to update their doc file for printing as well.


@Zeronfinity Thanks for suggesting this.

A booklet functionality has been implemneted that lets you generate a PDF booklet for the contest. Right now there are two things that you can configure:

  • Show Limits: shows the base limits for each problem when enabled.
  • Blank Last Page: inserts a blank page at the end of the booklet when enabled.

The booklet can be regenerated by the contest manager. It is also automatically regenerated when the contest or any of the challenges is updated.

Here is a sample PDF:

This feature is a work in progress. Any feedback is welcome.


@TarifEzaz You have also been asking for something like this for a while. Let me know if you have any feedback.

Looks great. Thanks :smiley:

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@hjr265: This is a long anticipated feature :smiley: We will be able to focus on other important details about the problems rather than focusing on generating a printable copy. Time for some of our gigantic editors to go to retirement. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does this function works with the secondary language (Bengali)? English and Bengali both should be visible in the booklet.

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@mdvirus Thanks for bringing this up.

Not yet, but you will be able to generate one booklet per locale very soon.

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