Print the Words

Given a blob of text you will have to determine the following statistics about it: The longest wor…

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I solved this on Python but for some reason can’t solve it in Kotlin? Can anyone help me? @hjr265 kotlin expert for example.

fun main() {
    val words = Regex("\\w+").findAll(readLine()!!).map { it.value }.toList()

    var minW = words.first()
    var maxW = words.first()
    var maxFreqW = words.first()
    var freq = mutableMapOf<String, Int>()

    for (w in words) {
        if (w.length < minW.length) minW = w
        if (w.length > maxW.length) maxW = w

        val lc = w.toLowerCase()
        val f = (freq[lc] ?: 0) + 1
        freq.put(lc, f)
        if (f > freq[maxFreqW.toLowerCase()]!!)
            maxFreqW = w


Ok solved in another submission, but still not sure why this failed.