Power of Army

Limits: 1s, 128 MB

Recently Chikanu declared war against Shukanu. To win the battle against Shukanu he wants to form an Army. As he wants to form a powerful Army, he needs a lot of soldiers.His best friend Thikanu will help him to find soldiers for his army. However, to fight against Shukanu, Chikanu needs a very powerful army. Before going to the battlefield Chikanu wants to measure the power of his army formed by N soldiers.

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Input and Constraints Section broken.

Where’s the explaination?

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It seems like the problem statement section of this problem is missing. Please check out the problem.

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@Being_Gorom @touhidur This one has been fixed.

Toph always used Markdown for problem statements and all other user generated content. Recently, I have disabled the use of raw HTML in Markdown. Problem statements that misused HTML for no special reasons are affected by this change. A lot of these kind of statements have been fixed, but a few have slipped through. Let me know if you see any other similar issues.