Passphrase-protected Contests

For invite-only contests, you can now set a passphrase that participants can use to sign-up on their own.

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That’s truly a very good update. You can also do join by link so anyone who has the link can directly join the contest by clicking the link. This will allow contest organizers to create a custom join button on their page.

Another thing that I would suggest is the interconnectivity between Toph’s existing user ids and custom generated contest ids. So, that users can claim their submissions on their handle after the contest ends. You can do it so that users can transfer their contest data to another handle (their handle) after the contest ends. Or you can also do that so that users can download their submissions form of a zip file after the end of the contest.

Anyways It’s a handy update.

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I will think about the join-via-link feature.

But I will definitely implement a way for people to get access to their own submissions in the near future in sha Allah.

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