Participant Generation in training contests

It is better to have the Participant Generator option in Toph’s training contests. Many new contestants do not have a Toph account when it comes to organizing a contest in a short time. Again, many contestants in rural areas do not have an email address; So opening a new account in that short time also becomes a problem. So Participant Generator option in training contests will help a lot. @hjr265


As-salamu alaikum. Thank you for the suggestion, @mdvirus.

One of our hopes with training contests is that it will be useful in introducing programming contests to beginners and entirely newcomers. And, that they will become a member of Toph’s community. Them creating their account on Toph is one of our incentives in offering this as a free service.

Temporary accounts in its current form isn’t something we are considering offering in training contests at this moment.

Perhaps introducing additional ways to create accounts on Toph, especially that doesn’t require email addresses, could be a solution.

Let me know if you have any suggestion in that regard. And, I will certainly think about it too.

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