Out of Sync message

I’ve arranged a training contest. Then added a problem from drafts which was shared with me. After adding the problem, I see a message saying “Out of Sync”. A screenshot is attached here.

Is it going to be problematic during the contest? If so, how to resolve this? Thanks.

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Welcome to Toph Community, @arif334!

That message indicates that the programming problem has new changes in Drafts.

When you design a problem in Drafts and then import it in a contest, you can continue to make changes in Drafts without affecting the problem in the contest. When you make changes in Drafts after importing it in a contest, the Out of Sync message will be shown.

At this point, if you want to pull in the new changes from Drafts to the problem in the contest, then you need to open the challenge and click on the “Synchronize” button. A small window will show a summary of changes that will be pulled in.

Let me know please if you have any other questions.

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That was helpful. Thank you very much.

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