National High School Programming Contest 2022 - Preliminary


The contest will start on 2022-06-10T09:00:00Z and will run for 4 hours.

Click here to learn more about this contest.


How will we attain and submit our solution of coding?


Please help me

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I didn’t get any email nor any sms from toph about my Username and Password.
I reached out to NHSPC in messenger yesterday but haven’t received any response.
What can I do now?
I couldn’t attend the Mock contest due to this problem.

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I didn’t get any email nor any sms from toph about my Username and Password.
I clearly remember that I registered.
What should I do except not participating??

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i got a email from toph with password…but i don’t no how to join ? please anyone help me


@user.340994 Log out from toph and log in with the Username and Password sent to you.

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@Takrim.236546 There’s a section for submitting your code.
You can either submit your solution file or open the Editor and paste your code. Then select your coding language. Then test the code first. It it passes the test cases, you may submit then

For some reason the Handle and password i got isn’t working.

Ok thank you

I am not understanding… I did login in one time but it didn’t work than I log out and again login… But it is taking me to 9 June… but I didn’t click on nine June on…

How can i perticipate?

I have got the mail of user name and password
but i dont know hoe to perticipate :slight_smile:

Please!! Can any one tell me how I can attain…

I also don’t know how can I participate?

Life is a hell… I can not still participate… just 2 hour left

What should I do? I can’t understand anything!

I wish I could just directly ask NHSPC them. face to face

I also want

I want to do some thing creepy stuff and get inside of it…