Naming option for test case zip upload in drafts

When uploading a zip to upload multiple test cases at once in drafts, currently it creates new test cases as ‘Test 01’, ‘Test 02’… ‘test XX’ format. Here, the prefix keyword ‘Test’ is used followed by the number/index of the test case.

But if we upload multiple zips, or say we want to add test cases with some special property (like they were uploaded by alter or they are big/small/random cases), being able to change the default prefix keyword ‘Test’ into something of choice during the upload would be really helpful.

Otherwise, you have to upload a lot of test cases at once (say around 10) and then manually rename them one by one, which is quite painful sometimes :frowning:

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I have made some changes to how the import functionality works.

The test case names should now be easier to relate to.

Hmm, this is much more powerful compared to before, but some might feel like it’s a bit complex.

I guess, let’s try it out for a while and see how it feels.

Btw, how about giving the simple examples first and more in number? Like

Not really sure if it will make it look simpler or more complex though :sweat_smile:

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That’s actually an excellent idea! Showing the simpler examples first should make this more comprehensible.

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