Mirror of SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2020


The contest will start on 2020-03-06T04:10:00Z and will run for 5 hours.

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This mirror contest will contain same problem sets like the original contests right? So if the original contests are starting at 10:00AM, then why this mirror contest will start at 9:00AM? Some guys can make misuse of it. They might do the ‘proshno fash’ thing. So make sure this contest starts exactly when the original contest starts. If this contest differ (problem set) from the original contests then please tell us. @hjr265

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The online mirror will not start until the main contests have started. The start time of the mirror will be adjusted accordingly by the organizers of the main contests.

@TarifEzaz @oasis.cse May be you guys can shed some light on whether the problem set will be identical between these contests…?

@hjr265: Yes, the sets will be identical. Necessary measures will be taken so that unfair means are prohibited.

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Is this contest rated??

@Riaad_Morshed Yes, this is rated for all participants.

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How many problems we will have in this mirror round?
And Is that the total number of problems is the sum of all the unique problems from both sections ? (School and college)

@hjr265 The problems are added to the archive. But we can’t see the source codes of this contest. I believe Toph has a policy that, after archiving any problem we can view all of it’s submission source codes.