Mind Flayer Has Attacked Again!

Mind flayer, the shadow monster has attacked the town of Hawkins again. This time, the mind flayer has taken full preparations to fight against El, the girl with psychokinetic abilities. In spite of taking these preparations, he realizes that he can’t defeat El at all. So, after observing and analyzing all the circumstances, he has made an alternative plan. He has searched and found an expert problem setter in upside down. The problem setter has set a new problem for him. After that, the mind flayer has given the problem to El saying that if she can not solve the problem within due time, he will destroy the whole town. El is trying the heart & soul to solve the problem. But as she is not a good problem solver, she can not find out the fast solution to the problem. Her code runs for infinite time and gives no output. Jim Hopper, the chief of police of Hawkins has hired you to help El. Now your task is to help El to solve the problem and save the town of Hawkins from the attack of the mind flayer.

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