Making problems public


What are the processes for a judge to make his problem public right after the contest ends?

Does he need to request Toph or he can do it automatically?

As far as I know, it’s not automatic. And due to that, often a lot of time is needed to be able to upsolve a problem after a contest ends.

Tbh, this is very painful and counter-productive for some contestants.

If you have wrote a solution of a problem and you are not able to submit for 1-2 days (or even longer), it sometimes completely ruins the urge you had for solving the problem.

This is quite bad for contestants I think.

I really hope Toph takes some measures to solve this problem, may be an automated system that adds problems to archive automatically upon meeting some criteria (like in Codeforces for example).

Yes. I see no reason not to make it automated.
And will be much better if this problems get published without even judges doing nothing (Like codeforces, atcoder etc.)

It’s really frustrating writing a code after the contest(upsolving) and waiting for 3-4 days even just to submit and check whether this gets accepted or not.

Example: Last BSMRUST Replay Contest, I wrote code for the 2 of the problems that I couldn’t solve during contest time and now even after 48 hours later I am still waiting the problems to become open and submit them. I contacted one of those judges from the contest, they told me they are also waiting for Toph to approve.

So, what is the reason of it? Why does it need to get reviewed? Why do we have to wait 48 hours to submit? This is really frustrating.

In my opinion, after a public/open contest the problems should be published automatically. Give me a reason not to.