Kingdom of Crisis

In a kingdom far away, $N$ people live in a circle of harmony. Literally, they have constructed a circular area and built their houses towards the periphery of it. For simplicity, we can assume that the kingdom is a circle and the houses are points on the circle's periphery.

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I think something is wrong with the Test Case 22 of the dataset. When I add assert in my accepted code, the assertion failed & it got RTE in Test Case 22. I’ve applied assert in this way:

string s; cin >> s;
assert(s.length() == 0);

My deduction is, there are extra characters that remained in that specific test case file. Can you please look into this issue? Here are the submissions of mine:

Accepted Submission:

RTE with Assert:

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@shefin Looks like test case 22 and 23 were missing N at the beginning. Your source code with assert should now pass.

Yes, assert is passing now. Thank you.

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