JN Islam Mega Fest Programming Contest 2021 (Senior)


The contest will start on 2021-06-24T03:30:00Z and will run for 4 hours 20 minutes.

Click here to learn more about this contest.

how I am gonna participate in this contest will the organizers send me a handle name and password to attend the contest

I have registered in jn islam mega fest but not sign up in Topho.Can not I enter the examination

when the contest’ll be held then just log in with your credentials, then you can enter arena lobby .

This is not a problem. if you received any credentials from organizers then you can entre by handle and password. Thank you. You don’t need toph.co standard account .

yes but I for this I have to receive an email from the organizers but I haven’t got this email yet

organizers team 'll be send it before contest if you registered .

This is not an open contest. Only registered users can join the contest. The registration date is already over