Internal Error is accepting any code

I just figured out, anything you submit in BrainF* language is getting accepted.
I also took a change and got some AC and shortest code by just submitting 1 Byte.

Please resolve it. Some others language also have this problem. I’ll report those here too.


Can you please clarify on what you mean by “getting accepted”?

I can see several of your BrainF* submissions resulting in Internal Error. This is bug. But if what you are saying is the case and there are submissions that are getting the Accepted verdict, then that is a cause for concern.

Can you please share a submission ID where the it is in BrainF*, the solution is empty but the verdict is Accepted?

It means that bf submissions overwrites shortest, lightest, fastest etc stats as such the submission was accepted. He made submissions on some unsolved problems and got his name on all four stats.

What @touhidurrr said is correct. The submission gives me internal error. But at the same time, it overwrites the shortest code. And memory usage becomes 0Byte and CPU usage becomes 0.0s.
So, sometimes it becomes the fastest too.

The problem is not with BrainF* or any language. Rather, the problem is -
Whenever any submission gets Internal Error, it’s mentioned in the leaderboard as Accepted.

As the statistics have no option for Internal Error, maybe the logic works like:

if submission.status not in (WA, CLE, MLE, RE, CE):

For example, I’m the only solver in this problem because of this: Arrayman | Toph

I guess it’s fixed now as new submissions are not having this problem anymore.

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Right. It is not just specific to one programming language.

The root cause of this issue has been fixed. The bit of code that triggered attempt stats update didn’t differentiate between failed runs and successful runs properly.

But now I need to do a bunch of cleanup to remove all the bad stats.

Thanks for reporting this @Nusab19 @touhidurrr!


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