HTML Line Break <br/> Tag Not Working In Drafts Statement

tag is important to force a line break without creating a new paragraph and empty line.

It looks ok in preview option, but not working in Statement section of a problem in

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Raw HTML tags are a nuisance. They are also a security nightmare when allowed in Markdown. Arbitrary line breaks (with single newlines turning to <br> in the rendered HTML) will be allowed through a near future update.

And, the quick preview feature is really just broken at this point. Once I have made and fine tuned all the currently planned changes to the Markdown renderer, I will replace the client-side Markdown renderer with something consistent.

Any other use cases for raw HTML tags will be handled on a case by case basis.

Sorry about the quirks while I do these things.

Hard line breaks are now a thing. You can give it a try now.

When you have something like this:

Lorem ipsum

Sit amet

It will be rendered as:

<p>Lorem ipsum<br>Dolor</p>
<p>Sit amet</p>

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