How to see against which inputs or cases my code is failing?

When I submit answer of a problem for practice/learning(not in contest), I get wrong answer verdict in some test cases.
But I want to detect where I’m doing wrong ? Against which cases/inputs my code is failing? I don’t find any options to see the inputs and outputs of a submission. But we can do that in many other online judges like Codeforces. So I want to know if there already this option exists in toph and I’m missing out or It is not possible in toph? If not, It would be so much helpful for us while learning if that is included.

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Toph doesn’t reveal test case data. There was a poll in community about whether this should be done. The result was inconclusive.

Although, I am inclined towards revealing the test cases, but it isn’t something that I have planned for the next few releases.

Oh! Got it. But I dont see any problem in revealing test cases.

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